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Tax and Financial Services

Opportunity Tax and Insurance Service offers a variety of tax services and financial products to simplify your life.

Tax Preparation

Get $50 in Store

Refer a friend to us, and when they complete their taxes, you get $50 cash! Learn More »

Fast Tax Refunds

Bring in all your tax related documents (such as W2 or 1099s if self-employed), and we’ll help get you in and out fast! Call our office for a full list of what you should bring! Learn More »

Kool Kash

Come in one of our stores and complete your taxes to earn $50 cash, on the spot! Offer is available Jan. 8 - Feb. 14. Learn More »

Additional Services


With the rising cost of healthcare, we offer you a way to keep your family healthy for less.


There is no need to worry after your taxes have been approved! Let our audit assistance give you peace of mind.

Drive Secure

We will be there for you in case of car trouble when you join our auto club.

Earn $50 an Hour

Our tax preparers can earn up to $50 per hour. Don't have tax experience? Enroll in our tuition free tax school and start earning what you deserve.

OTIS has the Answers to All of Your Questions!

Otis born the son of an accountant and an insurance agent. He became interested in those fields after years of watching his parents take care of their neighbors during both times of prosperity and poverty.

As an adult, he developed a passion for both taxes and insurance. He developed process to in which he could combine the two services and offer his friends and family money saving options. Now, he is here to pass his knowledge to you. Check out the Otis blog to see how you can save money without sacrificing service.


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